About Us

Who are we?
BKS Training is a Nationwide Training Provider. We pride ourselves on the quality of the training we deliver and have no interest in bringing in bulk amounts of students and churning them out to the minimum standard.

Our promise

Headed up by an ex-Police officer, long serving frontline security worker and an experienced trainer, BKS Training has the ability to deliver what we promise.

All our trainers are professional frontline security workers with a minimum of 5 years of sector experience before we allow them to train. Our books consist of long serving Police Officers, Door Supervisors, Security Guards, Close Protection Officers, Serving and ex-Forces, Martial Art/Defence, Trainers and Paramedics, each there to deliver their specific skill in complete competence.

Courses we offer
Our courses list consists of SIA training, Advanced Physical Intervention (And Trainer), Handcuffing and Trainer, Counter Terrorism, First Aid, Arrest and Restraint and Trainer and Redweb Offender ID and Trainer to name a few.We believe that our students do not learn through watching and reading, and that the ‘death by power point’ is not only the easy way out but also the ineffective training method. Practical training and scenarios is the core of our training to get people stuck in and active. Our advanced courses like Handcuffing, PI, First Aid, and Counter Terrorism focus heavily on the practical element but also sufficiently cover the appropriate laws and theoretical information required.

More than just a piece of paper
Three things which sets us out from ‘course factories’ (places which just churn out students with the only interest being the money) is that we will not sign you off until we are completely satisfied you are able to do the job at hand, and secondly we purposely keep our courses as small as possible. Many of us have been trainers for large organisations that put 36+ students on one course and we know the negative effect this has. So to keep our training the best it can, we ensure that our classes are not too large and not over booked.

Finally we will help you. We will help you further down the line with information and questions; we will help you get further down the line using our contacts to get you into work!