This accredited qualification is ideal for anyone wishing to work as a CCTV operative, as it provides the necessary skills and knowledge to apply for an SIA license in this field. It has been developed to meet the requirements of the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Subjects covered include roles and responsibilities of CCTV operators, codes of practice, operational procedures and guidelines, CCTV equipment and operation, surveillance techniques.

As a CCTV operator you can Expect to earn up to £15 Per Hour. You can also expect to be able to work a 12 Hour shift pattern with 4 days on 4 Days off. This would give you a potential wage of £33,000 a year for only working half of it.


Topics include:

• the main characteristics of the private security industry
• understanding key legislation relevant to the CCTV operator
• the correct operations of CCTV equipment
• emergency procedures in the CCTV control room
• production and storage of evidence
• code of practice and guidelines used by the CCTV operator

How is the course Assessed

It is divided into 3 units and is assessed through 2 multiple-choice examinations and a practical test. These units are as follows:

Unit 1: Working in the Private Security Industry

Assessed by a 60 minutes 40-question multiple-choice examination. Candidates must achieve a score of at least 70% to pass this unit.

Unit 2: Working as a CCTV Operator

Assessed by a 60 Minute 40 question multiple-choice examination. Candidates must achieve a score of at least 70% to pass this unit.

Unit 3: Practical use of a CCTV System

Assessed by the tutor.

Course Duration

This qualification must be undertaken over a minimum of 3 days


Any business that uses CCTV to monitor a public space or members of the public will need trained security staff qualified as a CCTV operator and who hold a SIA licence.
A level 2 award for working as a CCTV operator within the private security industry qualification is required by law for an individual to apply for a SIA licence to work as a CCTV operator.